ETR iPalm FisCat

  • ETR iPalm FisCat is a type D ETR machine thus it can work as either type A,B,C ETR machine
  • This ETR machine can perform invoice capture through a software installation to one PC.
  • This ETR machine also offers full integration between. TIMS and onces invoicing system through an API
  • Incredibly small, elegant design and display
  • 2 lines LCD display
  • bright green backlit
  • clear vision in darkness
  • easy-load paper design
  • fast printing 130mm/s
  • 58mm paper width
  • Inbuilt Wifi and ethernet
  • Customized for your simplicity

ETR iPalm FisCat is one of the ETR Machines in Kenya supplied by Minitech Technologies with one year warranty



iPalm is a mobile sales terminal, it can work in an open area, e.g. in bazaars, door-to-door selling, and all kinds of services where a small device is required.


How ETR machine works compared to other brands in terms of perfomance

  • It meets all requirements by Kenya Revenue Authority hence a KRA-approved ETR machine
  • Shows the subtotal amount , total tax, and the total amount
  • can be able to reprint an earlier receipt in case it gets lost.
  • The machine can give an invoice of close to 1 billion shillings under the same receipt
  • Programmable to accommodate the various tax rates approved by KRA
  • Gives detailed departmental reports
  • The printing quality is good and lasts long without fading
  • Programmed to be used by many different clerks
  •  long-lasting internal battery. printing upto 600 receipts before recharge
  • small size hence can be used in the field
  • It can be used with a cash drawer
  •  Works as a calculator, operating arithmetic on the keypad directly..
  • Programmed to deduct catering and service charge hence suitable in hotels and restaurants.
  • Can correct errors in case of a mistake
  • Gives a duplicate of the ETR receipt

Why choose ETR iPalm FisCat as your ETR machine of Choice in Kenya

  1. ETR iPalm FisCat offers seamless transition from type B to A or type C to A
  2. Automatic generation of Z report
  3. Can perform quantity-based sales
  4. Saves customer information i.e Buyer pin
  5. ETR iPalm Fiscat can save up to 3000 items
  6. This ETR machine can work with up to 200 items per invoice for type B and type C users
  7. Can perform credit or debit on a receipt

If you are looking to get an ETR machine for your business contact us for highly discounted prices and free training by our team of technicians. Minitech Technologies is a KRA-approved supplier meaning you get the most up to date products that are KRA compliance


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